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Plastic Surgery for Kenyan Men by Dr Stasch (Liposuction, Gynaecomastia, weight loss, eye lid lift, belly fat removal)

“The most popular procedures among Kenyan men include gynaecomastia which reduces male’s enlarged breasts, removal of belly fat, liposuction which entails removal of excess fatty tissue from a specific area of the body, post-bariatric surgery (a procedure that is designed to lead to weight loss) and upper eyelid lift or scar revision,” says Dr Stasch.

Dramatic weight loss and advanced age are considered the main causes of stubborn fat deposits and excessive skin masses among men, commonly accumulating in thighs, arms, buttocks, breast, hips and the abdomen.

Dr Stasch attributes the increase in the rising number of Kenyans seeking aesthetic procedures to exposure to global trends. “Kenyans are techno-savvy and well informed about worldwide trends. Their socioeconomic conditions have improved in the recent years, which has dramatically driven the demand for reconstructive and cosmetic surgery,” he says.

Dr Stasch, however, emphasises that for one to qualify for body sculpting, one must have good overall health, good skin elasticity and thickness. They must also have reasonable expectations, he adds.



Before and after Liposuction performed by Dr Stasch:


After Liposuction Dr Stasch

After Liposuction of belly and flanks in Kenyan man

Dr Stasch Liposuction before

Before Liposuction Man in Kenya

After Liposuction Man Kenya Dr Stasch

After – Side view Liposuction Man Kenya Dr Stasch

Before Liposuction Man Kenya Dr Stasch

Before – Side view Liposuction Man Kenya Dr Stasch

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