Dr Stasch talks Facial rejuvenation: Facial Plastic Surgery Rejuvenation and Rhinoplasty workshop in collaboration with Valentis Clinic and KSPRAS
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During the week of 29.2. – 4.03.2016 the Kenyan Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (www.kspras.com) in conjunction with the University of Nairobi (www.uonbi.ac.ke), Department of Surgery,  and Dr Tilman Stasch from Valentis Clinic  (www.valentisclinic.com), Nairobi, held a Workshop in Facial Rejuvenation and Rhinoplasty with a specialist international faculty from the Technical University of Munich attending.
Dr Kai Kaye, provided interesting insights into complex operations to improve the appearance of noses, as well as presenting the most advanced techniques in facial surgery to improve the aesthetic appearance in the African patient.
The local faculty included Prof SO Khainga, Dr F Nangole, Dr K Wanjeri, and Dr LN Kahoro, as well as the Plastic Surgery Residents.

During the week, Dr Kai Kaye operated with Dr Tilman Stasch and the local faculty on various patients to show their techniques in facial lipofilling (for Volume loss and old looking faces), liposculpture of the neck (to reduce double chin deformity), rhinoplasty (reshaping the nose which is very broad and disfigured), and facelifting (for old looking face, improving shape of jawline, rejuvenating the area around the eyes and lifting the neck).

Plastic Surgeons Dr Tilman Stasch and Dr Kai Kaye during a facial rejuvenation workshop in Nairobi, with Residents in Kenya – Aga Khan University Hospital

Plastic Surgeons dunging facial rejuvenation surgery, rhinoplasty at AKUH with Valentis Clinic Doctor Tilman Stasch

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