DR TILMAN STASCH, Plastic Surgeon, Valentis Clinic, Nairobi

MBchB—University of Cape Town
BSc—University of Cape Town (First Class Honours)


  • Chief Plastic Surgeon- Valentis Clinic, Kohn, Germany.
  • Consultant Plastic Surgeon Jan 11 – Oct 14 Department of Plastic, reconstructive-, aesthetic and hand surgery – Luisenhospital Aachen Aachen, Germany.
  • Consultant Plastic Surgeon Oct 09 – Dec 10 Department of Plastic-, reconstructive-, burn- and hand surgery – University Hospital of Witten/Herdecke, at the Klinikum Koln-Merheim, Cologne, Germany
  • Specialist Registrar, Aug 08 – Oct 09 Department of Plastic-, Reconstructive-, burn- and hand surgery – University Hospital of Witten/Herdecke, at the Klinikum Koln-Merheim, Cologne, Germany

One cold, grey morning last week, Dr Tilman Stasch, a disconcerting 6’4” tall dapper chap, showed me around their modern-chic clinic on Grosvenor Building, 14-Riverside.

At the clinic, they do a number of plastic surgeries that include breast enlargement, breast uplift, nipple surgery and breast reconstruction, among others. They also do tummy tucks, liposuction, arm lifts and facial surgeries that include anything from facelifts to ear correction. Then there is botox treatment, mole mapping (for skin cancer) and various cosmetic medicine.

What they try to do at Valentis Clinic is grounded on their motto that is borrowed from a Mark Twain quote: “The finest clothing made is a person’s own skin, but of course, society demands something more from us.”

Later we sat in his large-windowed, light flooded, office where tea was served on saucered bone china cups, off a silver tray. Mark Twain would have been proud.

That’s a fantastic watch. Which brand is it?

Oh thank you! It’s a Fredrique Constant. Bought it for my 40th birthday.

Who is Dr Tilman Stasch? Sounds like a villain in a Bond movie!

(Laughs) I grew up in Germany until I was 18 when we moved to Namibia. I studied medicine in Cape Town, stayed there for seven years then went back to Namibia for a one-year internship. I left for the UK where I trained as a general surgeon and then crossed over to Germany where I got my experience and where I now have a clinic.

What drew you to this type of surgery?

I just loved it. Here I enter a different universe – detailed surgery through the microscope that needs specialised training. It’s the level of accuracy involved to achieve amazing things.

Hand surgery, for instance, is big in Europe, but very complex involving soft tissues, arteries, bones…. I’ve spent many hours replanting fingers on hands during my training. I’m located in Germany where I run another clinic and so I have been swinging between Kenya and Germany since we opened this clinic three years ago which means I have not had a day off. (Laughs).

I do pro-bono work at Kenyatta National Hospital, mostly burn surgery, but my focus here is mostly skin-related conditions and reconstructive surgeries.

Our foundation, together with KACSU [Kenya Albino Child Support]and Albinism Society of Kenya is also heavily involved in screening drives for people living with albinism. This is something we are very passionate about here.

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