Brazilian Butt Lift or Kenyan Butt Lift in Kenya

Brazilian Butt Augmentation is a minimally invasive procedure that can lift, shape and enhance your buttocks for shapely curves you’ll love to show off! Brazilian Butt Augmentation removes fat from one area of the body where it is undesired, such as the abdomen, thighs or flanks, and adds it to the backside, for a fuller, more attractive buttocks. It is a less invasive procedure than augmentation using silicone implants, and yields results that look and feel very natural – because they are!

Am I a good candidate for Brazilian Butt Lift / Kenyan Butt Augmentation?

The procedure is best performed when a patient is fit and healthy. The ideal patient is someone whose weight is close to normal. The Brazilian Butt lift is a type of butt augmentation procedure which results in youthful, prominent, perky buttocks and a more sensual body profile. Candidates for the procedure include both women and men who have these symptoms:

  • flat buttocks
  • sagging buttocks
  • your buttock is asymmetrical
  • massive weight loss which has changed the buttock’s shape
  • desire to have an enhanced appearance of the hips and buttocks

During the consultation, you will be asked about the results you would like to achieve from the Brazilian Buttock lift. This will help your surgeon understand your expectations and determine whether they can be realistically achieved.  The procedure uses your own fat, so it is the most natural way to augment your buttocks. Over the last few years, the buttocks have received more press coverage than ever before. People of all ages are having the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure.

Brasilian Butt Lift or Kenyan Butt Augmentation – the Operation

The fat is minimally invasively removed from an area you desire, and then purified in a closed system with no additives. The healthy, pure fat is then injected carefully and in multiple, different layers as microdroplets into the butt area for a fuller, more lifted and younger looking buttocks. The process of fat reinjection involves hundreds of injections through a few tiny incisions in the skin. The procedure is designed to fill the upper quadrant of your buttocks so that the butt appears lifted and perky. The resulting effect is that your profile appears more attractive and sensuous.

  • Step 1 – Liposuction of multiple areas to gain the fat that will enhance your buttocks.

    Liposuction is performed through small, inconspicuous incisions. First, diluted local anesthesia is infused to reduce bleeding and trauma. Then a thin hollow tube, or cannula, is inserted through the incisions to loosen excess fat using a controlled back and forth motion.

    This can be helped with the so called “ Water-jet system” which avoids damage to the fat cells. The dislodged fat is then suctioned out of the body using a surgical vacuum or syringe attached to the cannula. In general, we may liposuction up to three times the amount of fat than what will actually be injected into the buttocks.

  • Step 2 – Fat injection

    The fat, tissue and blood that were removed through liposuction are then processed – separation of water and debris from the pure fat. The syringes are then connected to a special cannula. Your surgeon at Valentis Clinic will use this cannula to add the fat to the buttocks through small injections in previously carefully determined areas of your buttocks.

  • Step 3 – Results immediately visible, full results after 3 months

    The results of buttock augmentation are immediately visible; however you will not see your final results until at least 3 months after the surgery, as it takes a while for the fat to “take.” This procedure offers natural looking and feeling results, but the projection of the buttocks may decrease over time.

    Some of the initial volume you experience after your fat grafting procedure will fade as the fat is absorbed by your body (on the average patients will retain 60-80% of the transferred fat, in some cases more in others less).

    Satisfaction with your new image should continue to grow as you recover and realize the fulfillment of your goal for a fuller buttock. As you gain or lose weight, your results may change as the transferred fat can grow or shrink just as any other fat in your body.




Photo of buttocks before and after Kenyan Butt Augmentation / Brazilian Butt Lift

What is the downtime after my Kenyan Butt Augmentation?

While you can expect some soreness and swelling, many of our patients resume daily activities in 1-3 days following their Kenyan Butt Augmentation procedure.

Are there any side effects associated with this procedure?

Patients may experience temporary redness, swelling and bruising following their Kenyan Butt Augmentation. Other, more rare side effects will be discussed with you during your consultation.

When will I see results?

While a majority of the improvement can be seen immediately following your procedure, optimal and long lasting results are typically evidenced within 3 months following your surgery.

Why is Kenyan Butt Augmentation / Brazilian Butt Lift with Dr Tilman Stasch at

Valentis Clinic in Nairobi, Kenya the best option for Butt Augmentation?

Dr Stasch is a “fat transfer or lipofilling specialist” and has performed hundreds of fat transfers to breasts, contour defects, scars, sagging faces and buttocks in his international career. During the last decade he has also trained with the most experienced doctors around the world, and is now frequently invited as a guest speaker at international meetings and to teach others on his special technique. Through this experience and special technique he has achieved excellent fat transfer results. With extensive knowledge and experience using the fat transfer system, we can accomplish beautiful, natural-looking results while maintaining an extremely high patient satisfaction rate. Dr Stasch has also published papers in internationally recognized journals on the topic of fat transfer.

Results after an Kenyan Butt Augmentation / Brazilian Butt Lift

KBA / BBL will enhance your body contour by making your abdomen firmer and flatter. You may find that you feel more comfortable in your clothing and are more confident about your appearance.

This procedure can:

      • Increase fullness, roundness and projection of your buttock
      • Improve the balance of your figure
      • Enhance your self-image and self-confidence

butt 2-05

butt 2-06

Photo of buttocks before and after Kenyan Butt Augmentation / Brazilian Butt Lift

After the procedure – Your recovery

  • You will be admitted on the day of surgery, and your length of stay depends on which procedure is done. Usually, you will stay in the hospital for about 1 night.
  • After the Brazilian Butt Lift you will have tape dressings over your tiny wounds, and tight tape dressings and a compression garment on your tummy / areas where the fat was taken from. On the same day of the surgery, we will encourage you to mobilise gently. Sitting on the edge of your sitting bone will be fine, but you will be encouraged to lie on your side or tummy during the first 2 weeks of recovery. Avoid full square sitting on the buttocks for at least 3 weeks. This is very important because prolonged sitting will damage the fat.
  • Post-operative pain in these procedures is easily controlled.
  • You will be mobile from day one and should be back to full exercise within six weeks.  No stitches will need to be removed. Most people have approximately 1 week off work, depending on the type of work you do. The recovery is slightly slower if you have had your muscles repaired as there will be more tenderness. Important to point out is the fact that some people recover quicker than others.

We will keep a close eye on you after your surgery and would normally see you for your follow-up appointments at regular dressing clinics every 2-3 days and then 6 weeks following surgery, at which point your post-operative photographs will be taken.



Photo of buttocks before and after Kenyan Butt Augmentation / Brazilian Butt Lift

What complications can occur?

Whilst these operations are generally safe in the hands of a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon and regarded to be highly successful, there are, as with any operation, risks involved and the possibility of complications that patients need to consider.

Most wound problems are minor and can be managed with simple dressings; however more major wound problems can arise such as infections, asymmetries, fat loss and delayed healing.  We will discuss all of these considerations in detail during the consultation.

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Kenyan Butt lift Dr Stasch before op


Brazilian Buttlift

Kenyan Buttlift Dr Stasch postop – 2 weeks later