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Dr Stasch and Team

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Valentis Clinic, at the prestigious 14 Riverside location, is Nairobi’s first purpose-built  

Clinic for Skin Health, Plastic Surgery, Hand Surgery and Cosmetic Medicine.

We offer the latest and most in-demand medical and cosmetic treatments in an environment  that combines discretion and confidentiality with welcoming and stylish surroundings. We under-stand that choosing surgery or cosmetic treatments is a very personal decision so for patients seeking convenience, comfort, and exceptional results.

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Meet Dr Othoro and Dr Stasch

Cosmetic Medicine

Cosmetic medicine is a rapidly growing speciality and comprises all the non surgical procedures in the field of Aesthetics and minimally invasive cosmetic treatments i.e. no general anaesthetic and no operation: A great way to look fresher, revitalized and invigorated without any downtime!

Plastic Surgery

In the field of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, form, shape and appearance is improved to fulfill the desire to achieve natural and harmonious results in the safest way possible: At Valentis Clinic, we offer the highest standards of quality and responsibility for your satisfaction.

Jan Marini

Our Jan Marini products offer medically-validated care for improving visible signs of aging, skin damage and various skin conditions. These Cosmeceuticals can only be prescribed and dispensed by trained professionals (cosmetic doctors, dermatologists and plastic surgeons).

Mole Mapping

Mole mapping uses full-body digital imaging to find new lesions and monitor changes in existing moles that could be skin cancers or melanomas, using eDermoscopy. This state-of-the-art method allows sooner intervention should any changes be observed.

  • MRS CF

    Dear Dr T Stasch, Thank you for your incredible help and service and these reports. Kind regards

    4. April 2014. Mrs CF, mole mapping and skin cancer examination
  • S. J.

    “It`s looking grand! The wound is healing very well … unless you get up really close there's no sign of a scar and (he) is delighted with his 'new look'. You did a great job, thank you!”

    S.J. Feb 2016 after skin cancer surgery
  • GJ

    “Dear Dr Stasch, Thank you for your detailed report and prognosis for the different locations of moles on my skin. This is a scientific approach to have a baseline and to be able to monitor change. I do understand that the feared malignancies of melanoma are not guaranteed to be detected on time. However, your approach must have a positive effect on such a risk and in favour of early detection, I would imagine…”

    on mole mapping, March 2013
  • Mr FJ

    Dear Dr. Stasch, Many thanks for all the trouble that you have gone to on my behalf to treat my many skin cancers and sun damaged skin.

    Aug 2015 Mr. FJ, skin cancer patient
  • MrTM

    Hi Dr., Just wanted to say again it was great to meet you this morning, and many, many thanks for your kind words of encouragement...! It just came to me now, that, although I've had this condition since I was a boy, it's something that I have never ever spoke to anyone about, at length...and I suppose, something that has, over the years, just been kind of laughed off...So, to hear what you were saying, and sharing with you about my gynaecomastia, I realise now, was really fantastic Dr...Thanks a million...! You've also made it very clear to me that there's nothing wrong in getting surgery; which is brilliant, and something I suppose I needed to hear... I am so happy about the results and am now confident in not wearing a T-shirt at the beach. All the best for now Dr, God Bless

    19.1.15 Mr. T.M. after Gynaecomastia operation
  • MrsAH

    Dear Dr Stasch, Thanks for doing such a superb job removing my moles. All is going well, I am thrilled with the outcome, Thank you so much

    15. April 2014 Mrs A.H. after mole surgery

  • MrsSD

    Doctor......YOU did extremely well! I love love the new me. Thanks for unveiling what was covered underneath. Asante Sana!

    Mrs. SD June 2016 after tummy tuck surgery

  • BD

    „Thank you so much for sending the Path report, and wonderfully positive it is too!! … It has healed very well and everyone says “Oh how neat;” complements to you!!”

    B.D. after mole surgery, Dec 15
  • MK

    “Many thanks for your expert work.”

    M.K. after mole excision, Dec 2012

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Patients are very happy with their treatments by Dr. Tilman Stasch and have rewarded him top marks


Dr. Tilman Stasch is a top rated Plastic Surgeon in Cologne Germany

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Valentis Foundation


Valentis is the latin word for vitality, the condition of physical and intellectual vigor. Our main company, Valentis Health, consists of four units each addressing important areas of vitality:

    • Valentis Clinic offers Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery procedures, recognizing the observation that a person`s outward appearance often determines his or her inward state.
    • Valentis Skin addresses skin health issues and has two main functions – skin cancer screening (mole mapping) and skin health maintenance (cosmeceuticals).
    • Valentis Life concentrates on life coaching and lifestyle advice.

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